Wedding venue in Umbria

Find the best wedding venue in Umbria is not easy, but have a look at this amazon place

Pani and Caley are two young guys living in England.
After a careful search, they chose the San Faustino Abbey among the many wedding venue in Umbria.
They were enchanted by the beauty and peace that reigns in this beautiful place.

San Faustino is built on the ruins of a Roman settlement and a later Longobard tower.
The construction of the Abbey was completed by the Benedictines in 1289.
Today it is truly a timeless place, where the sound of rest is timed by the rustling of trees caressed by the wind.

Their wedding had a Persian cult ceremony, Pani being of Iranian origin.
Colours, objects of worship and rituals were the basis of the civil ceremony that these two young guys celebrated.

I had met Pani and Caley about a year before, when they were still searching the best wedding venue in Umbria. I realized from the first words we exchanged that it would be a wedding full of emotions and traditions.

Pani and Caley’s final party featured a knife dance before the cutting of the cake, a typical Persian ritual. It then turned into a dance and smile celebration in which all the guests took part.

I think San Faustino is one of the best wedding venue in Umbria, because of its unique and mysterious charm.
It is a delightful place to get lost in the silence.
And where to let yourself carried away by the sensations that can be felt everywhere.

Venue: Abbazia di San Faustino
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Thanks for the help: Sara Angelucci Photography