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Wedding in Tenerife

So, you will. You will definitely get married, but the problem is: where? Now open up your fantasy and try to figure a very special destination for your wedding. What about Tenerife? During our activity of wedding photographer in Tenerife, we’ve met several couples just like you: they couldn’t wait to organize their marriage abroad.

But first, we need the ideal location

Tenerife might be the perfect venues for many reasons:

  • it is a gorgeous, Carribean-like island. Golden beaches, crystal clear sea, tropical vegetation, everything is set for a fairytale wedding in Tenerife.
  • the climate is pleasant throughout all the year, with mild temperatures – between 22 and 25 °C – so that the island is a good destination in the spring as well as in the winter.
  • it is well connected to international airports.
  • you have countless places available to get married in Tenerife such as local churches in the mountains, romantic gazebos on the beach, gardens in sea-view hotels.
  • maximum comfort for you and your guests with amazing boat trips, renowned restaurants, shopping streets, clubs, and nightlife.

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