Sposarsi alle Canarie

Wedding in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the Canaries Islands. Its unique characteristics? 1560 km of width, dark volcanic beaches, white volcanic beaches, tourist towns, traditional small villages, uncontaminated sea, and historical monuments. Moreover, the island is well connected with several international airports.

Let imagination work! You could get married in Gran Canaria

  • Symbolic marriage: wedding on the beach at sunrise or at sunset.

    When the sun comes up or goes down are the perfect moments to make your promise of love. And, believe a wedding photographer in Gran Canaria, the most magical time of the day for a photoshoot as well! You two, the sky, the sea: what else? The legal marriage can be carried out in your homeland (if none of the spouses is resident in Spain), but the symbolic ceremony and the celebration could take place in this fabulous paradise. We are ready to take care of the emotions of your special day.

  •  Religious wedding at Sant’Anna Cathedral in Las Palmas

    The capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas is the most important city of the island. Its cathedral is the oldest church of the Canaries too. What is that make the cathedral so special? A tree-lined courtyard, its wonderful facade, the central rosette, and the bell towers; on the inside, priceless sculptures and pictures. If you look forward to a religious wedding in Gran Canaria, get ready: follow up prenuptial classes in your home country, so that you will be able to easily celebrate your marriage in Las Palmas.

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