Maria Cristina and Massimiliano

M.Cristina e Massimiliano

We learnd about Andrea watching online his photo for our friend wedding . What struck us was the spontaneity, originality, style, light, the landscapes … in one word the emotion spread by his photo.
Thanks to Andrea we met Giulia. Her videos are full of great emotional impact, her style unique and refined. Giulia succeeds in building a video made of pictures that perfectly fit together with the music and with the words chosen by the couple.
Both follow the reportage technique, nothing poses and special effects, but only true emotions. Just what we wanted. They put us at ease right the engagement service and everything was simple and natural.
Our wedding’s Photo and Film transmit to us those emotions and those memories we will never forget. Many thanks to Giulia and Andrea for making memorable one of the best days of our life.
Maria Cristina & Massimiliano