More than a job, it is a life path

We don’t exactly know who we are, and we don’t know for sure what we are going to do with our future.

We want to live our life now. Appreciate every single moment of it, every instant. It is important for us to share and live our passions, our loves, our projects and our hopes.

We want to use our time with those who motivate us, those we love, those who are truly important to us.

To experience another love is for us like revealing our own, it is like looking into a mirror and reflecting see our soul.

Every emotion is different from another, no one loves each other in the same way. Your feeling, the passionate one, the real one, the funny one, the crazy one, you will have to show it to us.

Only then will you be able to relive it in every image in order to have before your eyes at that point, your love.

We seek beauty everywhere, we love elegance and the simplicity that often comes from it. We are Andrea Di Giampasquale, photographer, and Giulia Selvaggini, videomaker.

We are both lifelong withers of the visual arts.
We have found and sought inspiration in cinema, art and photography.